What Gifts To Buy A Girl Who Is Already A Shop o Holic

woman who is a shopoholic

Whenever she wants anything, she buys it. Even if she doesn’t want it, she buys it, then regrets it, sends it back and gets something else. She finds the smallest excuse to go on a spree: it’s sunny today, it’s raining today, it’s snowing today, and so on. However, she’s modest, and when you ask her if she wants you to get her something, she says “no, thanks”. It’s her birthday soon, or another special occasion. What should you get for the girl who buys everything?

Hidden Pencil Notebook from the Museum of Modern Art

She probably writes down shopping lists. Whether she follows them or ends up splurging on a hundred unplanned things, you can get her a quirky Hidden Pencil notebook from the Museum of Modern Art. This very special notebook not only has a painting with tons of pencils on the cover, but one of these pencils is actually real! You just remove it, use it, then press it back into place. It comes in multi color (with blank paper) and yellow (with graph paper), and it’s only $14.95.

Sustainable Cork Case by Artecnica

If she’s more technologic and gadgets are her life, she probably keeps her shopping list in her iPhone, and takes it everywhere when she goes to the mall. At home, she relaxes browsing around blogs and online shops on her iPad and adding clothes and accessories to her wishlist. You can’t go wrong with an iPhone or iPad case. What if you get her a Sustainable Cork Case by Artecnica, 100% recycled and shaped like an envelop? It’s not only sturdy and pretty, but it will make her feel like she’s saving the world. It comes in small for mobile phones ($22) and medium ($31) and large for tablets.

Silver Shopper by Boudicca

Now, she might not be a knight, but if her favorite sport is hauling the main street on Black Friday, get her some shining armor. First, a Silver Shopper by Boudicca. It sounds like the name of a superhero because it makes you feel like one. It’s shaped and folded like a supermarket bag, but it’s made in silver polyurethane and can carry all kinds of items without tearing apart. It costs $450, but it certainly won’t end up being recycled in the trashcan like the rest.

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Brelli’s Black Swarovski Umbrella

What if it rains? Then she can keep on walking around the shops under Brelli’s Black Swarovski Umbrella ($105). This is no ordinary umbrella: it was handmade in Thailand, using nothing else but sustainable bamboo, biodegradable PVC and, of course Swarovski crystals. Earth-friendly and classy, it can resist the wildest winds up to 60 mph, so the shopaholic will remain unstoppable at her marathonic sprees!

Prada Tonal Studded Sneakers

Speaking of marathons, what about some Prada Tonal Studded Sneakers ($1,150)? These designer sneakers are the latest in Prada’s A/W 2013 collection, made with Spazzolato leather and studded from heal to toe. The studs are discreetly black, like the rest of the shoes, so the enemy who wants to get the last remaining Little Black Dress on your lady’s size won’t know what hit her! Just kidding. We don’t condone violence in any form. We condone fashion in every single form. ;)

Skulls to Pay the Bills Bank

But to spend, one has to save! If she’s broken her piggy bank millions of times, get her a Skulls to Pay the Bills Bank from Kikkerland. It’s just $14.99, but this black chic ceramic work of art will look cool on her desktop and will certainly inspire her to save any spare change little by little.

There you go! A few ideas on what to buy for a shopaholic. Now shop away!

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