What Romantic Gift Ideas For Her Are Available For A Relationship Stuck In A Rut

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Does this sound like you? Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy and girl are together. But what do you do when boredom and routine kick in and boy is in risk of losing his girl? Bear in mind, you still love each other and nobody has done anything extremely horrible and unforgivable. You know you can save this relationship and make it work, don’t you?

All you need is a little bit of help. Maybe counselling, talking to your priest, rabbi, guru, mom… and while money can’t buy her love, it can buy her pretty things that could make her love you a bit more, or at least remember why you’re together in the first place. Here are some romantic gift ideas to help you spark a relationship that is stuck in a rut.

Send Her Flowers

First, the usual: send her flowers. Films and TV tell you that they are the quintessential romantic gift. However, natural flowers are doomed to shrivel and artificial flowers might make her think your love for her is fake. Why don’t you give her flower-shaped cookies then? For $59.99, Cherry Moon Farms can bake your darling a very special bouquet made of a dozen red roses made out of huge (and I mean, HUGE!) shortbread cookies. Always in bloom and always delicious, she might even keep one or two as a keepsake of your attention… if she can handle the temptation of eating them all!

Buy Her Diamond Earrings

What if your belle would appreciate something a little more low-carb, yet the only carrots she cares about are the numbers in a diamond? For her inner Mae West, you can get her a pair of pearl and diamond earrings from Red Pearl ($69.99). The pearls are cradled in the middle of a figure-eight band with diamonds on one side. Pearls uplift a woman’s mood and remind her of her beauty and wisdom. So, not only you would give her some bling, but you would basically tell her that she’s gorgeous and worth the whole world, and that – because figure-eight is also the symbol of infinity – your feelings for her are eternal.

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Spring For A Ring

If she’s a bit younger, you can always get her a ring. Don’t get scared! Not that kind of ring! Instead of asking for her hand, you would basically give her yours: Personal Creations released their own version of the Claddagh ($89.99), an Irish symbol that represents friendship, love and loyalty. The crowned heart between the sterling silver hands is actually a 5mm heart shaped Austrian crystal that comes in different colors according to your sweetheart’s birthstone. You and your girl might remember that Angel gave a ring like this to Buffy The Vampire Slayer as a token of her perpetual love. Now you can be like this legendary couple, minus the blood-sucking and the epic battles. Plus, she will know you remember her birthday! Another great ring idea is the White Gold and Grey Diamond Wings Phalanx Ring. This spectacular ring may not be in everyone’s price range but it’s a stunner!

Write Her A Love Story

So what if diamonds aren’t your girl’s best friend and edible flowers are not her thing? What if she prefers books? Instead of going to the bookstore and getting her a generic soppy romantic novel just like everybody else, why don’t you give her your own book? For $39.95, Love Book Online can release your inner Nicholas Sparks and guide you, from start to finish, in publishing your story on a book just for her. You can choose from hundreds of templates with customizable cute phrases and pictures, or you can write your own sentences and illustrate them with their image bank. She will laugh, she will cry, she will treasure this for life!

A Picture Lasts A Lifetime

What if she’s less The Notebook and more Into The Wild? What if she doesn’t like reading stories more than creating her own? Maybe your tedious relationship needs a bit more adventure. Maybe you should go out to explore the meadows in your area, go on a trip to your park, take your mountain bikes and get lost for hours in the country while you find yourselves again. You could give her a camera to document it all. The Diana+ Dreamer camera will work wonders. This lomographic camera started as a novelty toy in the 1960s, but now that vintage is back and lo-fi film pictures are treasured, it can turn your unforgettable moments into works of art. Compared to her digital and perfectionist counterparts, you can get it for only $65.00. Nevertheless, the memories of the day trip that will rekindle your passion will be priceless.

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