What To Buy A Pregnant Woman For Her Birthday

pregnant woman birthday

This birthday is very special for her: not only she’s one year older, but she’s expecting a baby. Next year, if all goes well, she’ll be joined in her celebrations by a lovely little creature. But it’s still HER birthday and it’s all about HER. We would tell you to get her the same things you would get her if she wasn’t pregnant, but doesn’t hurt to buy her something that can be useful before and after her child is born, though.

Mango Case and Stand for iPhone 5

If she’s hooked on her mobile phone, get her a Mango Case and Stand for iPhone 5. This is not only a chic and resistant iPhone case, but it also comes with a patented stand and grip option. She can start enjoying it from now, but when the baby is demanding attention 24/7, it will be her salvation! It can stand sideways and on its back, and it can sit nicely between her shoulder and ear while she’s talking to her friends while carrying Small Fry in her arms. It’s only $28 and comes in hot pink, lime green, orange and white.

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Chris-Cross Cardcase by Ox & Tree Leather Goods

Another hands-free blessing: the Chris-Cross Cardcase by Ox & Tree Leather Goods. 100% handmade using the best leather around, it comprises a child-proof snap closure and can be attached to her belt along her keys. If she has to bend down to pick things off the floor or if she has to run around chasing a toddler at the mall or the park, she won’t have to worry about her ID and credit cards falling out of her pocket. It will still be nice and useful once the kid’s grown up anyway, and she might get them their own when they’re old enough to have a credit card!

Phillip Lim’s Oversized Leather Sweatshirt

Now, clothes. She’s a fashionista, and not even pregnancy can stop her. For someone whose body will get larger and larger in the next months, oversized fashion can be really convenient. To stay in tune with the trends and with her belly bump, Phillip Lim’s Oversized Leather Sweatshirt will be the best present. It’s got very punk exposed zip details in elbows, cuffs and front; and the silk satin lining makes it feel softer than it looks. It will keep her fresh in the summer, warm in the winter and fabulous all year long. It’s $1,861, but it’s no hand-me-down maternity wear. We’re sure she’ll keep wearing it even after recovering her figure.

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Newspaper Print Oversized Handbag

Still thinking big, what about an oversized handbag? The Newspaper Print Oversized Handbag is both hot and useful. Your friend can use it now to carry around her makeup, books, tablet, perfume and any of those things that make her boyfriend wonder if her bags are full of rocks every time he helps her carrying them. Once she’s captured by babymania, she can fill it up with diapers, bottles, formula, spare baby clothes and a couple of squeaky toys… and still have plenty of room left for her own things! $24.

ModCloth’s Quote Couture Earrings in Silver

If she’s a quirky, sarcastic lady with tons of personality, ModCloth’s Quote Couture Earrings in Silver will be the perfect detail. She can wear them around and keep making jokes and witty remarks, look gorgeous AND, since they’re small studs, the child won’t play around with them and pull her ears off, a common problem with mothers and dangling earrings. Thinking ahead for $9.99!

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We hope you enjoyed our suggestions. Happy birthday to her, best wishes for the baby and happy shopping to you!

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